Premium Diamond Polishing Pads

Looking to refresh your Kitchen Countertops using Diamond Polishing Pads?

We at ibouteek Inc, are excited to share our premium diamond polishing pads that are made with high quality diamond powder and high-temp resistant resin. They are made for both DIYers as well as professionals. 

You get 10 pads with different Grits so you can get the best high gloss finish on your kitchen or bathroom countertops. 

Why use ibouteek Polishing Pads?

You get a perfect variety of Grits in our product package to give you the ultimate high gloss finish. It comes with 10 High quality pads and a rubber backer. Use them to get your countertops in your kitchen or bathroom looking like new again.

Our Diamond Polishing Pads ….,
Are durable, they have a high concentration of diamond powder embedded in high-temp resistant resin to form a tight bond.

They are ideal for DiYer and Professionals

This Velcro backing allows for easy removal and installation of the pads. Also, the pads are color coded which will help with quick and easy changes as you move to higher Grit pads. 

Our High Grade Polishing pads are versatile, as they can be used on flat and curved surfaces. 

They are reasonably priced for BEST VALUE high quality pads that will buff away scratches to give you a perfect mirrored finish.

They provide a perfect balance of diamond powder and high-temp resistant resin. Suitable for both Wet and Dry polishing, although, Wet is highly recommended.
And finally, BUY with confidence if you’re not Satisfied with your purchase, get a FULL REFUND or a FREE REPLACEMENT. We hope you enjoy your purchase to get your home projects done using our low cost, high value pads.

Tools Needed

How to use diamond polishing pads?

Step1 : Prepare the surface to polish – If slab not installed, ensure it is clamped and secure so it doesn’t move while polishing.
Step 2 : Mount a Velcro holder (rubber backer) to your tool and mount a pad to it. Ensure the pads are securely attached to the rubber backer Velcro
TIP : Do not skip Grits otherwise you will not get a nice polished finish
Step 3 : Wet the surface thoroughly with a hose
Step 4 : Start with Grit 50 polishing pad at a low rpm and start polishing side to side or in a circular pattern. Grit #50 and #100 is for coarse grinding.
TIP : Grit #200 will remove big scratches; grit #400 will remove small scratches so if your surface is already smooth then you can start with grit #200. 
Step 5 : Keep moving up Grits as the surface gets smoother. You will notice the surface will begin to shine after Grit 800 and up.
TIP: If scratches are not visible when the surface is wet, use color crayon pencils to mark those scratches and polish until those markings are gone. Keep in mind when polishing to constantly move the polisher in a circular pattern like waxing a car when polishing.
Step 6 : Clean surface with water and dry to expose the high gloss finish.

For your Safety

  • Please wear an apron, protective eye wear and gloves when operating the grinder. 
  • Please wet the surface you’re polishing when you operate for best results.
  • DO NOT USE with HIGH SPEED GRINDERS unless it’s a VARIABLE SPEED that can run between 2000 – 5000 RPM. 

Polishing kit includes

Our 4-inch dia/3 mm thick Polishing Pad kit includes 2 pads for grits (50, 100, 400) as they are used often and 1 pad for grits (200, 800, 1500, 3000), Color coded for easy identification – plus a rubber hook & loop backing pad (5/8”-11)


WAS $38.97

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Special Holiday Price

$ 29.97



 Works beautifully Goedes!

Fan. Tastic! I recently bought a crate of geodes (random, I know…). The majority of them are nearly solid with little hollow centers, leaving far more area to polish. I bought this kit to simply attach to my angle grinder after cutting them in half with my tile saw. All I do is polish them for a few seconds and dip the stone under running water. Obviously, this isn’t the correct way to do this, but moving from the 50 up to the 3000 grit, I’ve done about 50 halves so far (ranging from 3″-8″ in diameter). The final sheen with 3k grit gives them is amazing!

~ Andrew


Loved Them

Polished a slab of quartz for my bathroom perfectly with these. Saved me $200 with the stone store.

~ Julie A. Cooper



After reading other reviews about the disks snapping when removing them from the backer pad. I slipped a 1″ putty knife between the pad and the disk and rocked the knife back and forth, they came off in one piece. My angle grinder is not variable speed, it is 11,000 rpms, twice the recommended speed of the pads. But if you make sure the pads are centered exactly on the backer, they will not come off. I used water on only the last two grits, 1500 & 3000. The granite looks great, went from a dry cut masonry blade, to 3000 grit polish. Very pleased.

~ Robert B.


 Good Affordable Polishing Set A+

Delivered and worked as stated. Works great polishing concreate

~ Ryan Rink


 Super easy to use!!

I was most impressed with how well the hook and loop held the pad to the wheel. You definitely get more than one and done with theses pads. Great product at a surprising price!

~ Bob


 Worked Great !!

My granite bathroom countertops were in dire need of cleaning. I decided to give these a try and they worked great! Also, they seem to be quite durable and I can probably use them a bunch more times. I would definitely buy these again!

~ pkarandi


 Excellent product! Especially great for the price

Excellent product! Especially great for the price. Highly recommend !!

~ Jon Shepherd


Well Worth the Money spent!!

Just recently I decided to get these pads for my granite countertops. They have worked out great. They are strong and durable. And now the countertops have a nice shine! I shall definitely order them again!

~ AK

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