Diamond Polishing Pads


Diamond Polishing Pads

Our premium Diamond Polishing Pads bundle includes 10 pads + a velcro-backed rubber backer. Ideal for both DIY users and professional contractors. These pads are;

PREMIUM QUALITY: These polishing Pads are made with high-quality diamond powder and high-temp-resistant resin. ideal polishing kit for Granite Marble Stone Concrete. They are EASY to install and remove, flexible to work on all edge types.

DURABLE: Superior Grade Velcro and Resin provides a professional polished finish. Made for buffing out scratches and getting a mirrored finish on your stone marble or granite. Operate between 2500-5000 RPM to avoid potential damage to your surface.

VERSATILE: These High-Grade Polishing Sanding Discs can be used on flat, curved surfaces or edges (demi bullnose, round, bevel). Suitable for both Wet and Dry polishing, recommend using water to keep the surface wet for an outstanding glossy finish.

SPECIFICATION: The 4-inch dia/3 mm thick DIamond Polishing Pad kit includes 2 pads for grits (50, 100, 400) that are used often and 1 pad for grits (200, 800, 1500, 3000), Color-coded for easy identification – plus a rubber hook & loop backing pad (5/8”-11).

Original price was: $36.95.Current price is: $32.95.

  • Ultra Quality Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Kit, Granite Polishing Kit, Granite Polishing Pads, Marble Polishing Kit, Concrete Polishing Pads
  • The Velcro-backed rubber backer is durable. Coupled with the pads provide a superior polished finish.
  • Designed for Wet/Dry polishing of Granite, Stone, Marble, Travertine, Concrete, Quartz, Terrazzo, Engineered Stone, Dekton stone countertops
  • Ideal for both professional contractors and DIY users
  • For best results keep speeds between 2200 RPM to 5000 RPM
  • Professional Grade Velcro backed pad - 5/8”-11 female thread
  • 2 pads X 50, 100, 400
  • 1 item X 200, 800, 1500, 3000
  • 1 item X Backer pad
  1. Install the rubber backer onto the variable speed angular hand grinder
  2. Attach the diamond polishing pad Velcro loop side to the backer Velcro loop side, so they form a tight bond.
  3. For Wet Applications, use a continuous flow of water at low RPM for best results and finish, also the polisher pad will last longer.


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