USB Charger Camera


Our ibouteek USB charger camera is super professional, functional and easy to install. Simply plug it into an electric outlet and it automatically start recording based on settings.
It features a High Definition 1080p discreet pinhole camera capable of recording both audio and video to a 32GB internal memory. You can use it charge your smartphone or any electronic products that are usb compatible while it monitors your home or business. It looks and works just like any other USB charger.
The hidden USB spy camera has night vision and the camera starts recoding when motion is detected. It is capable of recording both high quality video and audio, which can then be downloaded to your computer.
View your recordings by unplugging the USB charger camera from the wall outlet and use the inlaced USB cable to connect to your  Windows or macOS compatible laptop or desktop computer. No other apps required just simply plug’n play. For additional step by step instructions, please refer to the user manual.
Commonly used to monitor,
  • your home when you’re at work or away on travel
  • keep an eye one your pets and capture those goofy moments to share with friends and family
  • watch over your parents if they are living on their own or in nursing homes
  • when staying in hotels for business or leisure, monitor your belongings when you’re out and about
  • your business so no one steals confidential documents from your office after hours


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